Brite Rs 50 Jumbo 6 packets 170g each Maximum Power with Stain Magnets Lifts Toughest Stains in Just 1 Wash

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  • Whether your laundry challenge is heavy stains or routine soiling, Brite Machine Wash is your ideal laundry partner.
  • With its unique Stains Magnet Technology, Brite Machine Wash pulls out the toughest stains in just one wash of your washing machine, keeping your whites whiter and your colors brighter
  • Gives you the best wash in every cycle of your washing machine through superior stain removal, unmatched color protection and efficient sudsing to care for your machine
  • It has an enchanting fragrance that keeps your clothes feeling fresh after every wash.
  • For Top & Front Load Washing Machines.
  • The perfect machine specialist formula for the modern homemaker.
  • Adding a capful of Softlan to your laundry after washing will leave clothes feeling fresh, fragrant and silky soft

Product: Basic specs
Size170g x 6 pcs
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