Unica Sensitive Contact Lens Solution 100/350 ML

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The unique Avizor Unica Sensitive Solution is especially suitable for users of soft contact lenses with sensitive eyes.
Place a small quantity of the Avizor Unica Sensitive solution in the reservoirs of the contact lens storage case. Insert the lenses and fill the reservoirs completely. To clean the lenses: place the lens on the palm of your hand and apply Avizor Unica Sensitive solution.

Some of the advantages of sodium hyaluronate are the following:

  1. Vision improvement: reduces the symptoms of dry eye.
  2. Increases tear stability as it reduces the evaporation of the tear film.
  3. Increases hours of satisfactory use thanks to its viscoelastic properties.
  4. Suitable for all contact lens modalities: can be used for breaks throughout the day in which the user removes their lenses whilst: resting, in the pool, playing sports.

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