Hot & Spicy Pringles are like a thrilling joy ride through a burning inferno of tastiness where everyone wants to go for a second a ride. But they can’t because there are other people in line. And they’re hungry. So wait your turn with ‘em.

Product: Basic specs
Size165 g
Weight 0.165 Kg
From the Seller
Canada Dry Club Soda
Rs. 5940/per item      Rs. 6480 SAVE -8 %
The ORIGINAL HP Sauce Heinz | HP Brown Sauce 255g
Rs. 495/per item      Rs. 550 SAVE -10 %
Corsodyl Daily Mouthwash Alcohol Free - Fresh Mint (500ml)
Rs. 550/per item      Rs. 660 SAVE -16 %
Special K Cracker Chips 25 gms
Rs. 385/per item      Rs. 440 SAVE -12 %
American Garden U.S Mustard, 227g
Rs. 319/per item      Rs. 352 SAVE -9 %
Mumzworld Pringles - Sour Cream & Onion Flavoured Chips
Rs. 1728/per item      Rs. 1944 SAVE -11 %