In 1886, a man with a plan formulated a blockbuster of a digestive drink and decided to call it Brad’s drink. The potion was to become Pepsi Cola in 1898, and eventually, Pepsi in 1903.

Pepsi has been an iconic brand with a heritage of over 50 years in Pakistan. Over the years, Pepsi has proudly celebrated the passion points of the Pakistani people, whether it is the blind love for cricket or the craving for music. These celebrations have manifested in the shape of the timeless communication celebrating the love of Cricket with our Heroes form across the generations, including Imran Khan to Waseem Akram to Shoaib Atkhar and Shahid Afridi. As for music, Pepsi has been the flagbearer of the most memorable music productions and bands, including the timeless Dil Dil Pakistan, Pepsi Pepsi Pakistan song in the 90’s that still lives in our minds.

Even today, Pepsi continues to produce great programs such as Pepsi PCB Future 11 and Pepsi Battle of the Bands that are unearthing the talent of tomorrow and giving a platform to our fresh talent to prove their mettle.

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