A player's quality batting glove containing elite level protection ensuring you're safe at the crease. The 2021 New Balance TC first copy Batting Gloves offer protection in abundance through the high quality foam inserts, ensuring you can focus on what matters at the crease.

  • Finger Roll Material: Imported high grade Korean PU, additional protection on all fingers - plastic inserts and plastic shields on 4 panels on lead fingers. 
  • Palm: Premium Sheep Leather. 
  • Padding: 20mm Crosslink foam. 
  • Sweat Band: Elasticated double sided. 
  • Inserts: PU. 
  • Gusset: High grade stretchable and ventilated. 
  • Side Bar Protection: On both hands.

From the Seller
SS Cricket Batting Pads Leg Guards
Rs. 2214/per item      Rs. 3000 SAVE -26 %
Thigh Cricket Pads Guards for lower body protection
Rs. 308/per item      Rs. 408 SAVE -24 %
Chest Guards for Cricket
Rs. 198/per item      Rs. 300 SAVE -34 %
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Rs. 1296/per item      Rs. 1560 SAVE -16 %
DSC Cricket Batting Gloves
Rs. 1350/per item      Rs. 1560 SAVE -13 %
New Balance NB Batting Cricket Gloves
Rs. 1134/per item      Rs. 1320 SAVE -14 %