Remy Marquis is a French perfume designer known around the world for its luxurious scents and packaging. The design house is based in France and currently has 16 fragrances for both men and women.

Product: Basic specs
Size200 ml
Weight 0.1 Kg
From the Seller
Park Avenue Good Morning Body Deodorant For Men, 200 ml
Rs. 605/per item      Rs. 720 SAVE -15 %
Alisha Rose Perfume
Rs. 605/per item      Rs. 720 SAVE -15 %
Gambit Perfume For Men
Rs. 550/per item      Rs. 660 SAVE -16 %
Prophecy Body Deodorant-200 ml
Rs. 495/per item      Rs. 600 SAVE -17 %
Krone Xtreme Body Spray Fashionate 200ML
Rs. 550/per item      Rs. 720 SAVE -23 %
Perfect Air Freshener Spray Heaven Gold- 300 ml
Rs. 605/per item      Rs. 720 SAVE -15 %