HIGH QUALITY, ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE: Tired of hurting yourself while removing the unwanted cuticles around your nails? Aodemei brings you the cuticle scissors made of 100% stainless steel designed wonderfully while keeping difficulty you face while getting rid of the cuticles and hangnails from your hand. Give your hands a healthier and more refined look with Aodemei!

Product: Basic specs
Weight 1.0 Kg
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Combination Padlock
Rs. 110/per item      Rs. 120 SAVE -8 %
HK Brand Nail Clippers 12 pcs
Rs. 396/per item      Rs. 516 SAVE -23 %
Super Parrot Knife
Rs. 170/per item      Rs. 240 SAVE -29 %
SSS premium Nail Clippers 12 pcs
Rs. 412/per item      Rs. 540 SAVE -23 %
Jing Hua Padlock
Rs. 126/per item      Rs. 180 SAVE -30 %
Super Stylish Knife
Rs. 319/per item      Rs. 420 SAVE -24 %