Lays Yogurt & Herb Potato Chips is a wonderful blend of cream and herbs. Every chew of will give you a unique flavor you don't experience leading you to crave and have more of it. Each crunchy bite you take, you can tell it is made from 100% fresh potatoes and delicious flavor of yogurt with herbs.

From the Seller
Lays Chips Masala 12 gm
Rs. 10/per item      Rs. 12 SAVE -16 %
Kurkure Chutney Chaska 64 gram
Rs. 30/per item      Rs. 42 SAVE -28 %
Lays Yogurt & Herbs 145 gm
Rs. 100/per item      Rs. 109 SAVE -8 %
Lays Yogurt & Herb 39 gm
Rs. 30/per item      Rs. 33 SAVE -9 %
KURKURE Masala Munch 40 gram
Rs. 20/per item      Rs. 22 SAVE -9 %
Lays Chips Masala 26 gm
Rs. 20/per item      Rs. 22 SAVE -9 %