Kissan Foods produces Dalia Since 1975. it is widely used easy to Cook food made form wheat grains. The grains are minced to get textured mix that is very nutritious and healthy to eat. It’s a good source of fibers with proteins and essential nutrients. It is very light on digestive System and Considered as one of the best breakfast around the world.

Product: Basic specs
Size15 x 15 inch
Weight 0.075 Kg
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Shan Pilau Biryani Masala bachat Pack 100g x 3
Rs. 462/per item      Rs. 540 SAVE -14 %
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Rs. 88/per item      Rs. 108 SAVE -18 %
Colgate Herbal 25g x 4
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Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection 100ml x 2
Rs. 352/per item      Rs. 408 SAVE -13 %
Hofit Drops
Rs. 66/per item      Rs. 84 SAVE -21 %