Fresh, pure and nutritious, the premium quality and richness of Haleeb makes it a favorite household name. Haleeb Milk is Pakistan’s only Nutra-Hygin milk which provides the best combination of Purity, Quality and Nutrition.

Two options to buy :)

Option 1). 1L 1 item
Option 2). 1L 12 tems in a box

From the Seller
Haleeb Cream
Rs. 99/per item      Rs. 118 SAVE -16 %
Asli Doodh 950ml 1 item
Rs. 132/per item      Rs. 150 SAVE -12 %
Rs. 73/per item      Rs. 84 SAVE -13 %
Haleeb Asli Desi Ghee
Rs. 916/per item      Rs. 1020 SAVE -10 %
Apple Apple by Haleeb
Rs. 495/per item      Rs. 600 SAVE -17 %
Chaunsa All variety from Haleeb
Rs. 1792/per item      Rs. 2040 SAVE -12 %