A range of bubble gums, deliciously flavored with rich fruity taste and long-lasting refreshing fun with an option of center-filled and sour variants.

Product: Basic specs
Size24 Pieces
Weight 0.1 Kg
From the Seller
Star Double Heart Milk Chocolate
Rs. 115/per item      Rs. 126 SAVE -8 %
Wish Center Filled Candy
Rs. 110/per item      Rs. 121 SAVE -9 %
Star Million Strawberry Tiny Tang Chews
Rs. 110/per item      Rs. 143 SAVE -23 %
Star Monsi Chews Bar Blueberry
Rs. 88/per item      Rs. 110 SAVE -20 %
Star Funs Sour Chews
Rs. 165/per item      Rs. 176 SAVE -6 %
Star Elaichi Center Filled Gum
Rs. 66/per item      Rs. 77 SAVE -14 %