Cheetos Puffs Ketchup 72Kcal Per 14 gm 10rs-packet x 48p

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Cheetos, a global brand, has been positioned as a brand which inspires imagination and a sense of adventure and fun. Chester Cheetah is Cheetos’ brand mascot. Chester is wild and witty, wears cool sun glasses and is great fun to be with. Most importantly, Chester Cheetah is crazy for Cheetos.

Cheetos is made using the best quality of raw materials, spices and flavors. All the raw materials used for making your favorite snack are subjected to strict quality control at the reception before using in the product. Strict vendor audits are conducted to ensure best quality at source.

Cheetos is available in multiple fun shapes and flavors, with Ketchup Curls, Ocean Safari, Vegetable Bites and Crunchy Red Flaming Hot amongst the most popular.

All ingredients used in Cheetos are 100% Halaal certified by SANHA ( which is a government approved Halaal Certification body.

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Size48 pcs
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