Apple Kalakulu Pakistani

Kala kulu Apple

Red Delicious apples’ dark red color and sweet flavor come to mind, resembling the classic red apple pictured in movies, cartoons, and paintings.

Research suggests that red-skinned apples have more anthocyanidins than other varieties.

Anthocyanidins are the pigments responsible for red, blue, and purple hues in fruits and vegetables.

They also happen to be antioxidants belonging to the polyphenol group.

Besides anthocyanidins, Red Delicious apples contain high levels of polyphenols called epicatechin, flavonoids, flavonols, and phloridzin.

Studies have determined that the antioxidant content is higher in the peel than in the pulp, although this applies to all apple varieties.

Besides these many polyphenols, Red Apple Kalakulu Pakistani Delicious apples contain at least 28 additional bioactive compounds, all of which contribute to their health benefits.

A study that compared the mineral content of five apple cultivars grown in Pakistan.

Including Kashmiri Amri, Sky Spur, Kala Kulu Apple, Golden Delicious, and Red Delicious, determined that Red Delicious had the most calcium in both the peel and the pulp


Calcium is the most abundant mineral in your body. It supports your bones and teeth while regulating nerve and muscle function.

Thus, the antioxidant-related benefits of Golden Delicious apples may vary depending on their origin.

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