Apple Apple
Our premium juice range is made from real 100% un-adulterated Fruits which are carefully handpicked from the lush orchards globally. Apple Apple promises authentic fruity taste with Real Freshness in every sip you take.

From the Seller
Haleeb Cream
Rs. 99/per item      Rs. 118 SAVE -16 %
Habib Milk 1L
Rs. 146/per item      Rs. 160 SAVE -8 %
Tea Max Haleeb
Rs. 643/per item      Rs. 756 SAVE -14 %
Asli Doodh 950ml 1 item
Rs. 132/per item      Rs. 150 SAVE -12 %
Rs. 73/per item      Rs. 84 SAVE -13 %
Haleeb Asli Desi Ghee
Rs. 916/per item      Rs. 1020 SAVE -10 %