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  • Cricket Ball Training Outdoor/Indoor Practice Senior and Matches
  • Excellent for 50 over games

Product: Basic specs
Weight 0.16 Kg
From the Seller
SS Cricket Batting Pads Leg Guards
Rs. 2214/per item      Rs. 3000 SAVE -26 %
Thigh Cricket Pads Guards for lower body protection
Rs. 308/per item      Rs. 408 SAVE -24 %
Chest Guards for Cricket
Rs. 198/per item      Rs. 300 SAVE -34 %
MRF Batting Cricket Gloves
Rs. 1296/per item      Rs. 1560 SAVE -16 %
DSC Cricket Batting Gloves
Rs. 1350/per item      Rs. 1560 SAVE -13 %
New Balance NB Batting Cricket Gloves
Rs. 1134/per item      Rs. 1320 SAVE -14 %