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sunsilk sachets co-created with Jamal Hammadi Stunning Black Shine Shampoo 4.5mlx16p

Size: 4.5 ml x 16 sachets

Brand: Sunsilk

Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine shampoo- let your hair shine like you do!
• With Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine get long lasting shine from day to night*!
• Enriched with Amla pearl complex, this formula moisturizes and nourishes your black hair making it look fuller** and shinier*.
• Prevents dullness and restores a healthy lustrous look.

*Based on lab test on Sunsilk system vs. non conditioning shampoo
**Based on lab test of volume with Sunsilk system vs unclean hair.

Sunsilk Black Shine is enriched with amla pearl complex. It nourishes hair, and works from the first wash, to give you shinier* hair.

*Based on lab test on Sunsilk system vs. non conditioning shampoo

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Body Gloss With Vitamin E

Brand: Palmer's

  • This Rich luxurious cream illuminates skin with a subtle shimmer.
  • Pure Cocoa Butter, vitamin E
  • rich emollients provide just the right amount of moisture
  • Leaving your skin soft and smooth. 

hand made cupboard

Size: 3 X 2

Color: Green

Brand: NA

Kazmi Hand Made Crafts Sustainable 

Offering Beautifull Hand Made Cupbord with Differnt style and differnt colors 

Height 3 Foot 

Weight 2 Foot 

Available Colors : Red , Silver , Brown and Green

you can orders as per your requirements 



TANG ORANGE No Artificial Colors 1 Kg

Brand: Tang

Tang is a sweet, tangy, orange-flavored, non-carbonated soft drink mix made in the United States and named after the tangerine fruit. Enjoyed across Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, Tang is the leading brand in our powdered beverage portfolio. This fresh, fruit-flavored drink is available in a variety of flavors - based on local consumers’ preferences - and is fortified with minerals and vitamins.

Cat In Basket With Live Sound On Motion

Brand: NA

A beautiful addition to your drawing room,
Sensor detects slight motion, cats meows on movement
beautifully designed
Color of cat may differ (brown/black) depending upon the stock.

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