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Miss Young - All in One Makeup Kit

Brand: NA

  • 8 Shades of rum
  • 12 Lip gloss with creamy texture
  • 45 Shades of eye shadows
  • 1 Makeup sponge
  • 1 Pencil for the lips
  • 1 Eye Pencil
  • 2 Lipstick
  • 3 Brushes for the lips
  • 3 Brushes for shadow
  • 3 Brushes for rum
  • 4 Lip gloss shades
  • 4 Shades of shadows in earthy tones
  • 1 Integrated mirror
  • 7 Shades of compact powder
  • Case colour may differ

Sweet Almond Oil - 60ml

Brand: AL Khair

Extracted from sweet almonds, Almond oil, also known as ‘Roghan Badam’, has been part of traditional Arab medicine and Greco Persian medicine for centuries. It is a rich source of many antioxidants and healthy nutrients such as vitamin E, that make it the ideal skin treatment as well as a great remedy for heart disease and a natural treatment for strengthening the immune system.

Almond oil is also known as a treatment for dry skin by moisturizing, beatifying and protecting the skin from diseases such as eczema and for promoting good health.

Nestle Bunyad Iron Calcium Vitamins A&C Ghazai Taqat 26gx12p

Brand: Nestle

1 out of 4 Pakistani children is iron deficient, placing them at risk for impeded mental and physical development. NESTLÉ BUNYAD believes that healthy children have a greater chance at succeeding in life, and in this no child should be left behind NESTLÉ BUNYAD’s mission to strengthen the children of Pakistan by eradicating iron deficiency, for a happier, brighter future. In its mission for a stronger Pakistan, NESTLÉ BUNYAD empowers mothers everywhere to give their children a strong foundation for a better future

NESTLÉ BUNYAD is fortified with Iron, Vitamin C & more, so that 2 servings of 200 ml fulfil the following requirements of your child:

Smart Watch Z20 Nike+ Series

Brand: NIKE

  • Charging method: magnetic charging
  • Main screen: 1.75 HD IPS, 320*385
  • Touch screen: 2.5D fox surface capacitive full-fit touch screen
  • Bluetooth push: SMS, WeChat, QQ news and other client information and other communications in time to remind
  • Heart rate detection: Heart rate monitoring, monitor your heartbeat around the clock
  • ECG: ECG data analysis
  • Pedometer: exercise step count, calorie consumption, exercise mileage record
  • Sedentary reminder: it’s time to get up and exercise and change the unhealthy lifestyle
  • Sleep monitoring: objectively scientifically record and analyze your sleep status quantitatively
  • Find mobile phone function: anti-lost reminder. Two-way search
  • Bluetooth music playback: control mobile phone music playback
  • Call reminder: support
  • Bluetooth function and version: 3.0, 4.0 support Bluetooth call
  • Battery specifications and capacity: 230MAH polymer lithium battery
  • Vibration motor: support
  • Other functions: alarm clock, calendar, stopwatch, computer

Pack of 36 – 3D Embossed Truck Art Themed Tiles Stickers

Brand: NA

  • We use only premium quality self-adhesive vinyl with UV protective print, all our decals are laminated with top coating for extra durability.
  • Waterproof and thus suitable for indoor and outdoor.
  • They stick well on any smooth clean surface over old tile, ceramic, glass or even metal.
  • Easily remove without leaving residues or damaging the surface.
  • 100% opaque and cover up.
  • The decals can be easily trimmed/cut to fit.
  • Size: 5×5 Inches

                    Skin Facial boosters

                    Size: 30ml Radiance

                    Color: Yellow

                    Brand: Oriflame

                    A booster is a targeted skincare product target specific skin concerns like enlarged pores, dehydration, dullness, loss of firmness, and so on.
                    This product is extremely safe  that it is found in nature and is an essential part of the skin.
                     boosters have been proven to improve skin's elasticity, firmness, smoothness, and hydration. Because your skin is deeply hydrated, fine lines and wrinkles diminish, your skin looks fuller and stays moisturized longer.
                    They've even been shown to improve the look of acne scarring.

                    Shalimar Tulsi Classic Meetha Pan Masala

                    Brand: Shalimar

                    • Hum ap aur Tulsi, the magical taste of meetha pan masala.
                    • Hum Jise Lajawab Kehty hain.
                    •  Khel or Jeet Ka Maza Karay Dobala !
                    • 5 Rs Wali Tulsi Ka Daba with 48 pcs in it

                    Cosmos Antique Brass Metal Alloy Jeans Button Extender

                    Brand: NA

                    • Stretches with your waist,solves the problem of jeans/ shirt collars being too tight
                    • Adds up to 1.5″ instantly to your jeans or shirt collar
                    • Easily slips on and off,no sewing necessary,fits just like the regular button
                    • Button size:2*2cm
                    • Package includes 6 pack button pant extenders

                    Surf Excel Rs 50 x 6 packets 170g each Tough Stain Removal Faster

                    Size: 170g x 6 pcs

                    Brand: Unilever

                    Surf Excel is a 110+ year-old global Unilever brand which exists in various countries under the brand names of Omo, Rinso, Skip & Surf Excel.

                    In Pakistan, the brand was launched as Surf in 1948, and has a deep-rooted heritage which has made it a national icon.

                    Surf Excel is known for its famous tagline ‘Daag tou achay hotay hain/Dirt is good’. But this is much more than just a tagline. It is a central philosophy that the brand lives by, with an intrinsic passion to ensure child development through tactile learning. Over the years, the brand has worked hard to build awareness on the importance of child learning through experience.

                    Dirt is a natural part of the process of children experiencing life and developing. There are small rights that allow children to live fully, such as playing in a park without the fear of getting dirty or painting a flower pot without a care about paint stains. All these little but crucial experiences help nurture creativity, and build confidence in a child.

                    Although child development is at the very heart of Surf Excel's message, this would not be possible without the superior stain removal properties that come with every bag of Surf Excel. Its ability to remove a wide variety of stains effectively is what gives Surf Excel users the ability to break free from the mundane and become liberated.

                    Because Surf Excel is so good at cleaning, you don’t have to worry about getting dirty, therefore you can give your kids the freedom to experience and truly engage with life and grow and develop at the same time.

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